The connection speed behavior may depend on several important aspects like your Internet connection, targeting setting for proxies you are using, traffic volumes, third-party programs, or web-browsers used to establish the connection, their server speed, etc.

Since we are monitoring and ensuring the stable connection and providing the highest speed possible for all nodes, we would suggest excluding external factors that could affect the speed. Here is the list of action points which you can use to influence the speed:

  • Try to connect to some other port (to change the port number from 9000 to 9001, for instance) getting access to a new node of the same filter.
  • Change targeting settings in your SOAX account and connect to another GEO. We have noticed the connection can differ for the particular regions because of those GEO peculiarities.
  • Check your Internet connection and ensure the speed is stable. Also, check if the web page you’re working with opens fast without using a proxy.
  • Wait for an autorotation and the change of the node.
  • Contact our support team and request an activation of the Minimal Speed feature. The main function of the feature is to align the fastest IPs only to your package. The target IP range might decrease since slower IPs are eliminated, but in the end, you get the fastest proxies fitting your targeting settings.

You may always address and we will make manual tests and speed checks for your account on our side and help you with a relevant method to use.

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