A standard package offers IP rotation at every Port. This means that when you are using a specific port the output IP will be switched automatically at certain intervals.

Take advantage of the node access feature if you need access using static IP.

A lifetime of each node is individual. An IP address of a node does not change during an operation. When a node goes offline, you can either wait for it to get back online, or manually switch to another node. This way you can control the way IP addresses change.

When buying a package with node access, you can choose between using rotating and and static IPs.

Node access:

1) Select the output IP type. The Dynamic type provides standard access with IP rotation. The Static type provides access through nodes.
2) Select your provider/ISP or your region/city for the system to find a suitable node.
3) Use the refresh button to search for a new node.
4) Set a new password for a specific IP address. It will not change during the operation. However, it can be disconnected – then that port will stop working with the password. Just set a new password or wait until this one starts working again.

You can also use API for node access.

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