This feature allows you to attach specific targeting to a specific Port (i.e., country, city, region, and provider/operator). To do this, on the Package page, go to the Quick Access tab -> By IP address, and take the following steps:

1) Click on "+ Add Filter" block.
2) Note your targeting settings. When you create a new Filter, only the IP addresses from the targeting you specified will be on the port that will be allocated for this filter.
3) Add the number of ports that you want to allocate for the filter specified.
4) If necessary, specify the IP rotation period on the filter created.
5) Save the filter.

After saving the filter created will be displayed:

In this case, only addresses corresponding to the filter will be given on ports 10000-10002:
Country: Russia
Region: moskva
City: Moscow
Carrier: mts pjsc
With rotation every 360 seconds.

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