In case you need to automize some of your processes while using proxies and get the information without using your dashboard interface we have API methods for you to use. Please find the ones available for you below.

1. To change IP on a specific port of your package, please use the following link:<api_key>&package_key=<package_key>&port=<port>

where <api_key> is unique for every SOAX account (you can find it on Profile section);

<package_key> is login of the package where you need to change IP (you can find it on Proxy section);

<port> is the port where you need to change IP.

Please note it is not recommended to use the method more often than once in 11-15 seconds.

2. Get a list of available regions by filter:<api_key>&package_key=<package_key>&country_iso=<country_iso>&conn_type=<conn_type>[&provider=<provider>]

where <conn_type> should equal mix / mobile / wifi. It has to be one which is available for your package. This means if your package provides wifi (residential) IPs, <conn_type> can be wifi. Or, if your package provides both wifi and mobile IPs, <conn_type> can be any of them or mix, if you need.

<country_iso> is the ISO code of the country you need. For example, if you need to get a list of available regions of Russia, you should put ru there;

<provider> is the provider you need (this filter is optional).

3. Get all cities by filter:<api_key>&package_key=<package_key>&country_iso=<country_iso>&conn_type=<conn_type>[&provider=<provider_name>[&region=<region_name>]]

where <provider_name> and <region_name> are optional.

Below you can see two methods that you can use to filter provider names available (carriers in case of mobile proxies or ISP in case of wifi proxies).

4. Get all carriers by filter:<api_key>&package_key=<package_key>&country_iso=<country_iso>[&region=<region_name>[&city=<city_name>]]

Where <region_name> and <city_name> are optional.

Please note that this method is available only for packages with conn_type=mobile.

5. Get all ISP by filter:<api_key>&package_key=<package_key>&country_iso=<country_iso>[&region=<region_name>[&city=<city_name>]]

Please note that this method is available only for packages with conn_type=wifi.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us back via chat or at

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