As a registered customer, you may benefit from recommending our service to other users looking for a reliable proxy solution. By joining the SOAX Referral Program you will earn 7% commission for every transaction made through your referral link.

Here's how it works:

  • Sign in to your Dashboard and navigate to the Referral System section (1);

  • Copy your referral link and share it with the other user (2). As soon as the user follows your referral link, they will be directed to the registration form;

  • Upon successful registration, a new referral will be added to your Referral List (3);

  • Each transaction made by the referral to top up their account balance earns you 7% commission. All commissions will be added to your ref-balance and can be transferred to your own SOAX account balance at any time (4).

General information on your referrals and profits is available in the Overview section (5).

You can also receive reports on new successful registrations made through your referral link by adding a custom URL (6).

If you're using a tracking platform of any kind, use the tracking link (7) to receive click data via the Postback method.

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